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Buttweld(BW) Seamless and Welded :
90° LR Elbows / 90° SR Elbows / 90° Reducing Elbows / 45° Elbows / Tees / Reducing Tees / Concentric Reducers /
Eccentric Reducers / Caps / Stud Ends / Crosses / Reducing Crosses / 180° LR Return Bends / 180° SR Return Bends /
Laterals / Weldolets / Stud Ends / Swage Nipples / Nipples / Couplings / Weld Rings & Saddles
Pressure Fittings :
90° Elbows / 45° Elbows / Street Elbows / Tees / Corsses / Couplings / Reducers / inserts / Caps / Unions
Laterals, Bushings and Plugs & Pressure Fittings  
Pressures : 2000LB / 3000LB / 6000LB / 9000LB

Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings A/SA403
Trade Name Grade UNS# Buttweld Fittings
304 TP304 S30400 A403 / SA403
304L TP304L S30403 A403 / SA403
304H TP304H S30409 A403 / SA403
316 TP316 S31600 A403 / SA403
316L TP316L S31603 A403 / SA403
316H TP316H S31609 A403 / SA403
321 T321 S32100 A403 / SA403
321H TP321H S32109 A403 / SA403
347 TP347 S34700 A403 / SA403
347H TP347H S34709 A403 / SA403
317L TP317L S31703 A403 / SA403


Work Scope

This specification covers wrought stainless steel fittings for pressure piping applications.
Several grades of austenitic stainless steel alloys are included in this specification. Grades are designated with a prefix, based on the applicable ASTM/ASME or MSS standards. For each of the WP stainless grades, several classes of fittings are specified, to indicate whether seamless or welded construction was utilized. Class designations are also utilized to indicate the nondestructive test method and extent of nondestructive examination. A general summary of the fitting classes applicable to all WP grades of stainless steel follows. There are no classes for the CR grades.

Review of Procurement Requirements:

Material furnished to A/SA403* shall conform to the requirements of Specification A960/A960M including any supplementary requirements that are indicated in the purchase order. In case of conflict between A/SA403* and Specification A960/A960M, this specification shall prevail.

Specification A960/A960M identifies the ordering information that should be complied with when purchasing material to this specification.

Stainless Steel Forged Fitting A/SA182
Trade Name Grade UNS # Forged Fittings
304 F304 S30400 A182 / SA182
304L F304L S30403 A182 / SA182
304H F304H S30409 A182 / SA182
316 F316 S31600 A182 / SA182
316L F316L S34603 A182 / SA182
316H F316H S31609 A182 / SA182
321 F321 S32100 A182 / SA182
321H F321H S32109 A182 / SA182
347 F347 S34700 A182 / SA182
347H F347H S34709 A182 / SA182
317L F317L S31703 A182 / SA182

Work Scope

This specification covers forged stainless steel fittings for use in pressure systems manufactured to specified dimensions or to industry standard dimensional specifications.

For bars and products machined directly from bar refer to Specifications A/SA479/A/SA479M for the similar grades available in this specification. Products made to this specification are limited to a maximum weight of 10 000 lb [4540 kg]. For larger products and products for other applications, refer to Specification A/SA965/A/SA965M for the similar austenitic grades available in this specification.

Supplementary requirements are provided for use when additional testing or inspection is desired. These shall apply only when specified individually by the purchaser in the order.

Review of Procurement Requirements:

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to specify in the purchase order all ordering information necessary to purchase the needed material. In addition to the ordering information guidelines in Specifications A/SA961 / A/SA961M, orders should include the following information:

● Additional requirements, and
● Description of flange and nominal dimensions (standard or special)
● Requirement, if any, that manufacturer shall submit drawings for approval showing the shape of the rough forging before machining and 12the exact location of test specimen material.

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