Flowone is the premier worldwide supplier for all your Low Temperature Forged Flanges A350 / SA350 needs.

Our ability to provide Low Temperature Forged Flanges on a project basis is one of our strongest capabilities and is unmatched in our industry.

Turnarounds or outages, planned retrofits or emergency situations, grassroots projects worldwide; Flowone has the experienced staff to assist you on all of your specialty alloy requirements, no matter how detailed the specification, no matter how difficult the situation.

New industry requirements, not an issue. We work closely with agencies like EPRI along with our utility and refining clients to be on the cutting edge of new industry requirements that affect your high energy/high temperature piping systems.

Low Temperature Forged Flanges A/SA350
Trade Name Grade 1 Low Temp Grade 6 Low Temp Grade 3 Low Temp
Forged Flanges A / SA350 Grade LF2 A / SA350 Grade LF2 A / SA350 Grade LF3


Work Scope

The specification listed above reflects the common materials required for manufacture and fabrication of items for use in Low Temperature Service.

Review of Procurement Requirements:

Ordering information for this specification is as required by Specifications A/SA961. In addition, the order should indicate the number of test reports desired and address any applicable requirements found in the footnotes to A/SA350 Table 1.

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